Electrified Automation has launched a new electric motor range. It is EA 193 Series, permanent magnet electric motors that will support a range of applications from two-wheel-on-road to industrial and follow the success of its automated manufacturing technology.
The company affirms they have supplied a product that reaches «the highest performances in a compact package». Moreover, the patented design offers some advantages in terms of sizes, weight and performances for a series of applications.
Jim Winchester, managing director at Electrified Automation said: «For three years we have been challenging conventional electric motor manufacturing methods with our automation technology. We have had an incredible response from customers and automation will always be a cornerstone of our business, but our future is about using this as a platform to take our own motors directly to the market». «We know that one of the primary priorities for OEM is a reliable reactive supply chain able to supply the volumes they wish when they want them. For this reason, we have designed the motor architecture to maximize the automation potential, then it is fully optimized for the mass-production of high-end products», he added.
The company states that it has delivered a product that achieves «maximum performance in a compact package».