The first design signed by Ford for the conversion into electric of the cars with “traditional” power supply is about to be fully unveiled. At present we know, as announced by Ford Performance Parts, that the name for the electric retrofit kit will be Eluminator, and it immediately connects with V8motors of Aluminator family, now proposed in fully electric version. They will be available in kits ready to be assembled and positioned under the bonnet of compatible cars, including old cars, too.
It seems the motor measures 570 mm of length, 345 mm of width and 370 mm of height, to suit the motor compartment of almost all vehicles. Moreover, it will feature 281 HP (210 kW) power, with 430 Nm torque, with a rotation speed of 13,800 revolutions and a final transmission ratio of 9.05 to 1.
The whole kit, which includes also the connection cables to the inverter and low-voltage ones, will be initially sold in the United States for 3,900 dollars. Is it really the start of a new revolution?