ANIE Federation, as representative of the Italian Electrical Engineering and Electronic Industry, since the first hours of the epidemic diffusion, has worked in concert with Government and Regional Institutions and in coordination with Confindustria, providing its contribution concerning both the urgent measures of contagion containment and the provisions to support enterprises and economic activities and to protect its industrial manufacturing chain.

Giuliano Busetto, Anie President

Giuliano Busetto, President of ANIE, assessing the crisis’s effects on ANIE enterprises, stated: «They can be hardly quantified with certainty, also in the light of the unforeseeable duration and of the diffusion capillarity but an estimate of the effects on our companies has been already evident since the beginning of March, with a drastic slowdown of orders». An in-depth study by Confindustria Study Centre highlighted in fact that 70% of the electrotechnical and electronic enterprises of the investigated sample was affected by a negative effect on the business activity, with a significant impact on the collection of manufacturing inputs and on demand.
These concerns are unavoidably worsened by the issue of the DPCM 22nd March and of the D.L. 25th March 2020, which provide for the temporary stop of all industrial and commercial activities not deemed essential. The report processed by ANIE Study Service on ISTAT data underlines the lockdown involves 80% of sector enterprises, with 73% of aggregate turnover and 76% of workers.
«Unfortunately, –Busetto pointed out – we expect the 70% percentage estimated by Confindustria’s report is likely to increase, also in the light of the data released today by Confindustria Study Centre forecasting the approximate 10% cumulative GDP fall for the first 2020-semester».
Concerning this, the President Busetto expresses strong concern and asks the Government for a more constant dialogue with the Federation. He highlights that precisely ANIE enterprises can, better than others, help to understand how manufacturing chains are actually structured, as they are the suppliers of the technologies needed by the sectors of the specific production and distribution chains for Industry, Energy, Transports, public and private Infrastructures.
Last days ANIE sent a letter to the Government pointing out the serious difficulty in finding individual protection devices (IPD) and asking for a simplified provisioning procedure, to allow companies to carry on activities and services under safety conditions, meanwhile assuring all workers’ health protection. «It is important to maintain operations immediately and, in a successive phase, to restart with the full activity, to give new boost to the industrial productivity in our Country» Busetto highlighted.
Finally, the President of ANIE underlines, it is important to provide for financial aids for all big, medium and small enterprises: «Our companies represent the excellence of the enterprises that supply technological systems and solutions for the made in Italy and, to avoid they shut down at the end of the crisis, extraordinary measures to guarantee liquid assets are necessary. From the immediate suspension of tax and social security contributions to the strengthening of the Guarantee Fund to support SME and Mid Cap».