Comau, pioneer in the development of advanced laser welding processes and applications, has created highly specialized laser laboratories to support companies in the development, implementation and optimization of laser processes that concern the manufacturing and the assembling of electric motors and batteries.
With two laboratories at Grugliasco (Turin) – one specialized in batteries and the other dedicated to e-motors, besides other laboratories in Shanghai and Detroit, Comau has all-round strengthened its value chain in the electric sector with the offer of a broad range of laser processes for various industrial sectors, such as automotive, aerospace, General Industry, energy and Oil & Gas.
In this way, Comau aims at increasing the efficiency, the speed and the value of companies’ productions, allowing them to offer highly competitive solutions in the electrification field.
For this reason, its specialized laser laboratories have been equipped with Comau NJ-220 robots, able to work simultaneously and on different kinds of applications, powered by the innovative LHYTE (Laser Hybrid Technology) system, developed by Comau in collaboration with Prima Electro.
LHYTE is suitable for numerous different applications due to a patented solution that allows automatically alternating fibre and diode laser to guarantee an optimal high-precision junction, fundamental for assembling an electric battery or an electric motor.
Moreover, LHYTE can manage the complexity of working materials, such as copper and aluminium, characterized by different melting temperatures, meanwhile assuring a strong joint tightness with a low level of electrical resistance.
“We can make any type of battery pack with whatever power level, besides, we can assemble the entire electrical battery, from the welding of the single cells that make up a module to the stacking of the various modules that constitute a battery pack, up to the laser welding of the entire “case” – explains Giovanni Di Stefano, Chief Technology Officer – Electrification of Comau. “In our brand-new laboratory we are also developing a similar solution for the laser welding of hairpin motors”.
Comau laser laboratories can be configured, equipped and adapted according to the demanded working process and to the type of product under manufacturing.
Besides satisfying a broad range of applications, Comau develops and optimizes each phase of the laser welding process, from prototyping to the production of pre-series, when requested by customers.
Each project is supported by a dedicated team of engineers, who develop and identify the best welding solution for each customer, with services that range from feasibility studies to the process optimization.