If a sector becomes fundamental, it is more necessary than ever to pay attention to “imitations” or to not fully complete or state-of-the-art products, with unclear origins.
It is what is happening also in the field of electric motors; as proven by the recent seizure of 1140 electric motors and 23 accessories in Vado Ligure port, for an overall value of over 110,000 Euros that has triggered the complaint to the Judicial Authority.
The operation was carried out by Savona Finance Police and the local Customs and Monopoly Agency and it was enabled by the risk analysis activity performed precisely by the Financiers of Savona Unit and by Customs Officers. The study allowed identifying, as possible carriers of irregular goods, two containers arrived in Vado Ligure port aboard a motor ship coming from China, with Hong Kong flag.
Therefore, after the inspection they assessed the content: products labelled with a renowned brand of electric motors but partly devoid of the geographical provenience indication and partly bearing the indication of a Polish address.
The cargo was seized owing to the indications reported in products as they were suitable for misleading consumers as to their actual origin. This is framed in the sale ambit of industrial products with false signs, also in relation to the art. 3 of Madrid Agreement signed by Italy with L. 676/1967.
Actually, seized products are classified as unfinished products, part of the components of a mechanical body designed to be suited to the operation of pumps, fans and drives of machines under production.