Sustainable transports, synergy among parties and green vision are some of the primary targets of the National Conference of Electric Mobility.

Decreasing the environmental impact of the transport sector and reasoning according to a green vision: this is the theme of E-Mob, the electric mobility festival held in Milan from 01st to 04th October 2022.
During the first two days, an exhibition of e-bikes, scooters and zero-emission quadricycles, buses and electric means of public utility, as well as recharge solutions, has attracted numerous visitors in the stands positioned in Duomo Square and in Mercanti Street.
On October 03rd  and 04th , instead, at the presence of more parties – including associations, business representatives, research institutes and public administrators – it was held the National Conference of Electric Mobility, focused on the sustainability of the transport field.
As a matter of fact, since they contribute by one fourth in the greenhouse gas emissions in EU ambit, they must be rethought according to a green vision, accelerating the ecologic transition. The decarbonization, in fact, will be reachable just starting from their electrification, and also pursuing an alternative mobility.

The E-mob 2022 Card

Moreover, a stricter collaboration is necessary among the various Parties, all called to share in the implementation of the electric transition, to comply fully with the environmental obligations imposed by Brussels.
At the same time – thanks to the opportunities in NRRP ambit, in a market that seems to offer broader and broader spaces to the e-mobility field – the new activities will represent an opportunity of economic recovery.
The latter, together with others, are the ideas that spring from the E-mob 2022 Card, “Targets and actions for the decarbonization of transports and the zero-emission mobility”, document intended for political decision makers and processed during the National Conference of Electric Mobility

Decarbonization of transports: suitable proposals and provisions

In the Card, composed by five sections, various suggestions are reported for the adoption of measures that favour the transport decarbonization. First of all, the provision of NSSMP (the National strategic sustainable mobility Plan) funds is requested, whereas in the second section the goal is the extension of specific eco-bonuses and the introduction of subsidized tax policies.
In the section “Recharge infrastructures and electric system” the treated issue are “columns”, to be positioned in public and private spaces, also facing the matter of branching of sockets in motorway and possible financial interventions on fees.
The Card ends with the last two parts, “The electric mobility chain” and the “E-bike sector”: the first highlights the fundamental role of SME and the importance of an industrial reconversion of the automotive sector, in electric ambit; the last reports instead a series of solutions that can implement the sector’s interest.

Appointment in 2023

Reached the sixth edition, the festival – which has been held every year, since 2017 – has achieved an important target of awareness-raising, through interesting sessions and institutional events.
We will have to get ready for the meeting, scheduled for 2023, demonstrating we have operated to hit the preestablished goals.
However, especially, it would be advisable to bring tangible results, demonstrating we have put into practice the precious indications.

(by Marianna Capasso)