With dryve D3 and D1 control systems, it is possible to automate powered linear axes, for simplest and most complex automations. Dryve D3 and D1 join the already existing Igus solutions of drylin E linear powered axes (with DC motors). Dryve D3 controls linear systems without software or PC, while the dryve D1 system has been enhanced for the control of stepper motors, DC and EC/BLDC motors.
For the most complex strokes, motor control parameters can be directly modified by browser, in real time and intuitively. 
The new D3 control system is compatible with all most common DC motors and few moves are sufficient indeed to operate this control system, which is user friendly and cost-effective at the same time.
Therefore, also small and medium companies without particular programming know-how can use linear powered axes for the automation of their plants.
The dryve D1 control system is equipped with very intuitive interface and can be used through a simple web browser in desk PC, or also remotely, through smartphone or tablet.