It is called W23 Sync+ the new line of synchronous electric motors by weg manufacturer that offers a broad range of motors that satisfy IE5 and IE6 efficiency levels. “With the same power/casing ratio as induction motors, it is easily interchangeable and it offers the highest performances at all speeds, sharing in the reduction of CO2 emissions and notably increasing the investment return, Weg explains. Moreover, they illustrate that the hybrid motor technology combines the best technical characteristics of permanent magnet motors (PM) and of synchronous reluctance ones (SynRM) and it will supply higher efficiencies at all speeds versus induction motors. Besides providing high efficiencies at constant torque on a broad speed range without needing forced ventilation, the new motor can also boast a higher power factor than synchronous reluctance motors.

Marek Lukaszczyk, marketing manager of WEG for Europe and Middle East declared: “We are looking at the future with W23 Sync+. IE5 and IE6 models by far exceed the current European regulation about the eco-compatible design, which is currently demanded to satisfy IE3 or IE4 standards. WEG offers the broadest range of motors that meet IE5 and IE6 efficiency levels on the market.”