Winding-free, featuring excellent performances, low weight and volume. Here are the main features of the new motor at which is working the Emilia company Poggipolini, top player in titanium fasteners for Formula Uno and aerospace. The new motor will address aerospace and defence, but also the world of the electric traction for Motor Sport and high-end cars.
Concerning this, a key role will be played by the factory of the future “Speed Up Lab”, headquartered in the new factory at San Lazzaro di Savena, in an area of over 20,000 sq. m., close to the Manufacturing Center of Excellence inaugurated in 2019. Its mission is working in open innovation.
Recently, the company has established a partnership with Puglia startup Roboze to design and to manufacture the mechanical parts of electric motors, 3D printed with innovative materials such as Carbon Peek, a carbon-reinforced polymer. The collaboration will aim at accelerating the adoption of this new process technology, shifting from engineering to industrialization.
The technology of the new electric motors will be fully innovative and will precisely concern its operation, as well as materials, which will assure lower weight and simplification of architectures and manufacturing processes.