X-Division SPX177 is the most powerful motor for BEV electric vehicles ever manufactured by the British company Helix, famous for its package that they define Scalable Core Technology (SCT). With a weight of just 28 kg and a constant power of 650 kW, this motor will equip a hypercar by a manufacturer not revealed, yet. «It’s small and weighs just 41kg, including the 13kg inverter. It is a 2x 3-phase motor, so its current is shared across two inverters, a necessary approach to meet the phase current demands at ‘normal’ DC voltages at this extremely high-power level. Both the motor and inverter have extremely high-power density. Six high-voltage cables connect the inverter to the motor, while an LV connector carries the various control signals», affirmed the project manager Derek Jordanou-Bailey, head engineer of Helix. He added that the motor uses the ‘top end’ of materials.