With the term of Light E-Mobility we indicate all those vehicles with electric motors, with power between 4 and 40 kW, two- or three-wheeled, which according to many statistics and market projections are emerging as optimal solution in the daily urban traffic. As reported by recent data, within 2026 an increase up to 11% is expected in terms of compound annual growth rate, reaching over 4.9 billion dollars.

“State of art” motors for the Light E-Mobility

Electric motors for the Light E-Mobility must conform to particular characteristics. They are requested sustainability, compactness, lightness, a good power/weight ratio and, especially, low costs, being intended for small-size means of transport.

Today, in terms of electric motor, the state-of-the-art for the Light E-Mobility is the motor with permanent magnets in rotor and stator, with round copper wire winding. It is the technological solution that matches at best sector demands in terms of volumes, power/weight, cost and manufacturing user-friendliness.

Thus, Light E-mobility is revolutionizing how we move around cities, addressing the need for sustainable mobility and emission reduction.

How can we prepare for this revolution?

This White Paper “Manufacturing solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s Light E-Mobility electric motors” offers a comprehensive and detailed guide on this crucial topic for the future of the automotive industry:

  • The importance that the sector of light vehicles (Light E-Mobility) is gaining and potentialities for industry
  • The best process solutions for the manufacturing of “state of art” electric motors for the Light E-Mobility
  • The possible future developments of Light E-Mobility electric motors and the solutions to face them.

Download the document and discover how to transform your production lines to meet the new sustainable mobility needs with a turnkey solution!