The project Green Construction Site of The Future sees EC230 Electric by Volvo Ce as protagonist in endless applications. The EC230 Electric 23 t by Volvo CE is currently the largest excavator in the Swedish manufacturer’s electric range and it has been put in the forefront in the yard of the project Green Construction Site of the Future of the Danish city of Aarhus, the second biggest city in Denmark and one of those aiming at reaching the goal of net zero greenhouse emissions by 2040.
The experiment in progress since December 2022 sees a “prototype of urban yard” as protagonist, with the use of electric machines in urban ambit. Therefore, EC230 Electric by Volvo CE was then deployed in the front line and has worked at its highest potentialities while the monitoring of the air quality and of noise was carried out in real time to provide precious information about the advantages of the introduction of electric, hybrid and biofuels (HVO) construction machines versus conventional equipment.
Lars Dithmer, Head of Sustainability, Aarsleff, said: “The construction industry is on a journey of transformation. Reducing carbon footprint is a challenge, however by adapting fossil free processes and machinery and sourcing sustainable materials we can future proof our company and lead by example in this green transition. The knowledge obtained from projects like that at Mindet will provide valuable information on where we need to focus, invest and to change our habits –to succeed we need to make sustainability a priority across the entire value chain.”