By exploiting the great availability of residual heat from the metallurgy furnace of the O.R.I. Martin, from Brescia, a new heat pump will be able to inject excess heat into the district heating in the city of Brescia. A great technological advance, allowing a welcome energy maximization in the global effort to reduce our energy consumption.
The IMFinity® FLSES 600 kW IE4 motors by Leroy Somer, Nidec brand, present in the new Turboden spa heat pumps will allow energy maximization with the recovery of energy, for district heating. IMfinity® is a platform of high-efficiency IE3, IE4 and non-IE variable-or fixed-speed motors. The power range of asynchronous motors reaches 1500 kW and they are available with IP55/IP65 or IP23 protection degree, so satisfying industrial ambit requirements, irrespective of the environment typology.
IMfinity platform motors have been developed to ensure efficiency levels at primary voltages and frequencies that cover at least 80% of the power supply on a world scale, maintaining the compliance with existing or future energy regulations.