It seems that in Italy Volkswagen has already run out the e-Ups at disposal for 2020 and at present the model cannot be ordered any more. The same in Germany where, due to the strong rise of the demand for electric vehicles, the automotive company has decided removing the e-Up temporarily from price lists. Germans have made a clean sweep of the small electric also thanks to the VAT decreased to 16% and to the eco-bonus: a mix of provisions that allow buying e-Up with just less than twelve thousand Euros.

News coming from the headquarters report that the sale is expected to restart by the yearend for 2021 shares.

A curiosity that honours the small electric Volkswagen: since last July, one e-Up has been also used by the 113 of Verona Police Headquarters, the first 100% electrical vehicle in this context intended for service in the old town. A couple of years ago, the same choice also to implement the car fleet of Centre Commissariat of Milan Police headquarters.