This is a piece of news that can inspire electric market players for the potential synergy with the induction recharge technology for electric cars Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer (Dwpt). It is a new recharge frontier currently implemented in the experimental circuit “Arena del Futuro” of about 1 km, along A35 Brebemi motorway.
This technology allows the recharge of electric vehicles while travelling on dedicated lanes, thanks to an innovative system of coils positioned under the asphalt that directly transfer the necessary energy to the vehicles in transit.
The installed Dwpt technology is powered by a megawatt of energy and relies on 5G network for vehicles’ communication with infrastructures. The energy is provided by direct current net and photovoltaic plants, it is transformed into alternate with a suitable frequency for the wireless and then transferred to “coils” positioned under the asphalt. The technology can be adapted to all vehicles equipped with a special “receiver” able to transfer the energy coming from the road infrastructure directly to the electric motor, extending the autonomy and protecting the vehicle battery’s charge.