Talet-e is the Italian start-up that has ideated, designed and manufactured the Universal Electric Platform Talet-e (PEU-T). It is an innovative electric motor studied for a user-friendly installation on all typologies of thermal scooters in circulation, from 50 to 400 cubic centimetres, irrespective of the brand.
What innovative does it involves? Besides, from the bureaucratic and legislative point of view, the shift is simpler: the Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and sustainable mobility has extended the possibility of carrying out the retrofit to the L category, actually permitting to transform the thermal propulsion into thermal and then to proceed to the re-homologation of the vehicle, with an updated circulation document.
The batteries, one fixed and one portable, 1.5 kW each, are designed to support 3,000 recharge cycles and at full charge their complete autonomy is estimated in about 140 kilometres of travel.
How much does it cost? About 2,000 Euros, plus the assembly that costs about 200 euros depending on the vehicle. The availability on the market is expected since Spring 2023.