The Ride DC electric motors catalog divides into subcategories, identified by the external stator diameter, by the rotor length, in mm and by the presence of the Encoder.
In the subcategories there are different construction options. To support the choice of the best DC electric brushed motor, Ride shows interactive configurable data sheets.

Ride thinks in this way to the customers who need personalized DC electric motors, which can be anyway assembled trough consolidated and automatized processes, which guarantee competitive production costs and the reliability, indispensable in each application.
Between the offered permanent magnet DC motors, for each diameter it is possible to decide for the “standard” or for the “stronger” version: the difference comes from the rotor length. Longer is the rotor higher is the stall torque and the power that the DC brushed motor can reach. Among these products there is M77x40, stall torque from 5,10Nm to 1,27Nm, DC electric motors with brushes.

If requested, they can be equipped with EMC filter, usually made by two inductances and two capacitors.
In the inteactive technical datasheet it is possible to configurate the electric motor by selecting the preferred between the availabel options: motor shaft, filter, characteristic curve.
The interactive characteristic curve allows to select the required performances by selecting power voltage and no-load speed. Eventually it is possible to ask about further personalizations, like a special cables, simply by attaching in the request- form the relative documents.
The M77x40 electric motors are generally applied in linear actuators and in various automatisms.