Powerup 4.0 electric small-size motor can be adapted to whatever model aircraft made of paper, balsa or other materials, to provide a thruster can transform a child’s game into a didactic flight experience.
The latest version is equipped with electronic stability control, a minicomputer for the flight attitude control, a gyroscope, two independent motors with differentiated thrust, electric motor, acrobatic performances, assisted take-off and landing. The thrust generated by this propulsion plant can make the model aircraft fly at a maximum speedof 36 km/h, with eventual aerodynamic “imperfections” that will be rebalanced and corrected.
Another phenomenon in the model world belongs to the electric pickup of Tesla Cybertruck, with Hot Wheels brand. The radio-controlled model launched at the end of 2020 was impressively sold-out in very short time and Mattel has started the reorder for a supply expected to restart next May. Customers are offered two sizes of the radio-controlled Tesla Cybetruck: one in 1:64 scale and the other, the most coveted, almost 60-centimetre long, can comfort- ably move on whatever ground, turn on front and rear lights and offer two drive modalities tranquil “chill” and “sport”.
The rear can slide turn into a ramp and the body- work can be removed to enter interiors with battery and transmission.