Those who live in cities with much traffic have often imagined a flying bust that could transport quickly. A chimera? It seems that this can instead become reality: the United States startup Kelekona has ideated a flying bus able to transport 40 passengers inside cities’ areas or reaching other provinces, too.
The debut is foreseen in New York in 2024, but they already think of replicating it in other metropolis with high rate of traffic jams, like London or Paris.
Concerning the technical characteristics, we know the aircraft – able to reach a speed of 200 miles/hour with a loading capacity of 4.540 kilos will use a 3.6 megawatt interchangeable battery that can be recharged in less than one hour.
Its flying efficiency will be granted by its particular tear shape and two electric fans for the take-off.
The ticket cost is 70 Euros. Expensive or cheap to zero travelling times in cities?