Nissan patent for electrified mobility has won the Green Prix 2021 award assigned by No Smog Mobility, the exhibition dedicated to “eco-sustainable ideas and solutions”.
The prize acknowledges the exclusivity of Nissan e-Power technology: a system consisting of an electric motor that drives wheels and of a thermal motor that supplies energy to the battery.
The result is a driving experience like electric vehicles’, with instantaneous acceleration and silence, joined by low emissions and low consumptions. For over three years, this technology has already been used in Japan, where it is meeting a great success, and in 2022 it will arrive also in Europe, on the new Qashqai e X-Trail.
The upgrading of the range and innovative technologies pursues the direction of reaching the targets of 75% of sales with electrified cars by 2023 in Europe and the offer of new fully electrified models by 2030.
With an investment of one billion pounds in Sunderland plant and the creation of 6,200 workplaces, EV36Zero industrial plan focuses on the entire manufacturing chain.
The project provides, in fact, for the release of a new electric crossover, a new Gigafactory to produce state-of-the-art batteries and a Microgrid of renewable energy to power the site production. Besides the e-POWER, Nissan product range will also focus on other electrification technologies, such as e-Pedal and e-4ORCE. The first makes driving safer and less stressing, due to the only pedal that manages each driving phase, while the second corresponds to a system with two electric motors, one for each axle, and a sophisticated management system of the independent wheel drive.