The new strain gage amplifier with IO-Link interface 9210 by burster enables digitalization of the measurement technology right from the sensor. Its compact design and high degree of protection allow the instrumentation amplifier to be used practically anywhere in the field.

Strain gage sensors typically have an output voltage of a few millivolts. In industrial environments, e.g. in the vicinity of electric motors or frequency converters, interference can affect the measurement result when transmitting analog signals. This is reliably avoided using the new strain gage amplifier with IO-Link interface. The analog link between the sensor and instrumentation amplifier is kept as short as possible, the standardized IO-Link communication is fully digital and interference-free. The amplifier is powered directly via the IO Link interface – a standardized 5-wire cable with M12 socket.

Strain gage sensors can be connected via a 4-pin M8 connector. The high-grade amplifier electronics enable precise measurements with a non-linearity of < 0.005 % F.S. 24-bit A/D conversion ensures that the digital signals have sufficient resolution.

The new strain gage amplifier with IO-Link interface enables immense flexibility. With a suitable choice of IO-Link master, the instrumentation amplifier can be integrated into almost any fieldbus network. Depending on how many ports the master module provides, multi-channel measurement tasks can be implemented simply and cost-effectively.


  • Universal strain gage amplifier with IO-Link interface
  • Non-linearity < 0.005 % F.S.
  • Specified for use in harsh environments
  • IP65 degree of protection and high vibration resistance
  • Installation-friendly, ultra compact design

Applications: Mechanical and plant engineering; assembly and joining equipment; measuring cell expansion during battery production