Here is the definitive model of Lightyear 0 electric solar car, definitive version of the famous Lightyear One that required 6 years of development.
Why has its name been changed into “zero”? To underline the scarce need of the plug-in recharge that the company deems one of the strongest limits in environmental terms. According to the calculations carried out by the company, in fact, a commuter who travels 50 km a day for the commute home-work can comfortably travel over 1000 km with a single recharge, simply parking the car outdoor.
The Dutch manufacturer, in fact, refers to performance that reach 695 km in the WLTP autonomy cycle, with 60 kWh battery. The surface, corresponding to five square metres of solar panels with double curvature, allows achieving energy to reach even 11,000 km of yearly mileage.
How much does it cost? 250,000 Euros. However, for 2024 Lightyear has also a second car under development, with the temporary Lightyear Two name, devised for the mass market, with a starting price of around 30,000 Euros.