In an industry that is expected to be increasingly green, recycling is a crucial theme, also and especially for electric motors. And there are no doubts about possibility of processing electric motors since up to 98% of its overall weight can be recovered, transforming it into secondary raw material. Concerning this, among the outstanding companies ranks the Italian Panizzolo, in Padua province, which ensures high-performance and wear-resistant system. The Italian player in the recycling system has recently communicated to the market to know only too well the issues related to wear and strong stress that the components, welds and steelwork are subject to. This is why the hammers and armours of Panizzolo are made in special anti-wear castings specifically designed jointly with the University of Padua – for the processing of bulky waste. The sorting of the outfeed granule is just as important.
The company invites to discover the mega 1100 hammer mill with electric power of 355 kW and a production up to 22 tons/h.