Established in 1969, Casati Stampi is specialized in the cold forming of sheet metal, activity performed by its factory at Biassono (MB), on a total surface of 15,000 sq.m., of which 6,000 covered, with a production intended for export by 80%. Dynamic and reactive, the company has always invested in research, development and technological innovation, with an approach that today allows it to play a protagonist role as supplier of the major brands in the household appliance and, especially, automotive industry. «Automotive – explains Nicolò Casatithat today represents about 70% of our production, constantly rising value for some years now». Concerning this, determinant was the owners’ decision, in 2013, of planning a growth and development strategy in this field. With these preliminary conditions, Nicolò Casati in person, recently graduated, starts organizing a sale network aimed at providing more visibility in the sector and today boasting one sales office in Turin area and one in Switzerland, entrusted with the German-speaking market. «Meanwhile – adds Casati – automotive and its requisites have required the ISO TS 16949 Certification».

product development cycle
Casati Stampi carries out its activity by the factory at Biassono (MB), on a total surface of 15,000 sq. m., of which 6,000 covered.

Already ISO 9001 certified, still in 2013 the company employs a recently graduated female professional to take care of the quality assurance. A new resource who, together with another young, an engineer at the head of production and process improvement, allows attaining the Certification with TÜV SÜD in the lapse of six months. Today, 4 years later, Casati Stampi has then succeeded in becoming a reference player in the automotive supply, with the yearly 25% growth. «An ambitious result – adds Casati – whose achievement has needed, in addition to the huge investment for the personnel’s training, a decisive investment in technologies to enhance our manufacturing performances». Casati Stampi has in fact completed the already broad and diversified machine fleet with a new mechanical press with transfer lines (1,000 tons with a 4,600 x 1,800 mm worktable), besides equipping a new wire welding department with robotic isles, for tack and projection welding.
«Moreover – underlines Casati – in full conformity with the logics dictated by Industry 4.0, we have also implemented a new managerial software that is permitting us to make all digital internal information flows even more linear and fast. This means providing our customers with an even more punctual and effective service, job order after job order».

product development cycle
Casati Stampi has completed the already broad and diversified machine fleet with a new mechanical press with transfer lines (1,000 tons with 4,600 x 1,800 mm worktable).

Increasingly structured, the company can therefore manage and coordinate the entire product development cycle, from the design to the finished and assembled product, through activities of research and process engineering, design, manufacturing, die tryout and testing, sheet metal forming (production), bonding/co-stamping of polyethylene with sheet metal. With the possibility of completing the component production with special treatments and/or finishes. «Relying on the implementations accomplished until now – ends Casati – we look at the future with the awareness we can rely not only on technologies and innovation but also on a team of motivated and skilled people. Each function is entrusted to a senior person, with historic role in the company, in collaboration with a young graduate. I believe this pair represents the best synergy in the name of continuity, to face the new challenges at best in a more and more global and competitive market».