According to the European Regulation, all electric vehicles produced since 2020 onwards must emit a sound resembling the one of a motor based on fossil fuels, due to a matter of road safety. Noise, in fact, is important to warn both pedestrians and other vehicles about the presence of cars. In the light of this provision, Ferrari has recently registered a patent for its own electric model incoming in 2025. It is a system of sound modulation and amplification that will generate a sound exceeding 90 dB and will be modulated according to drive conditions, irrespective of the electric motor rotation.
The result? The electric Ferrari will have a motor roar also when still at the traffic light, similarly to its endothermic brothers.
Important: the sound signal has such a frequency as not to interfere with the magnetic flux of the electric motor, so avoiding generating torque and movements in the rotor that then would be transmitted to driving wheels, affecting the drive dynamics.