Triumph has announced its first full electric motorbike: Project TE-1 Prototype.
The project is fruit of the synergy among various companies: Williams, which takes care of developing the battery, Integral Powertrain Ltd, for the motor design, and Wmg, for simulations and tests.
The British motorbike producer has recently ended the phase 2 of the TE-1 project, with interesting results that anticipate the vehicle’s real potentialities.
It seems in fact that the motor unit with integrated inverter will allow the electric bike to reach a power of 30 kW, corresponding to about 180 HP.
The design provides for straight lines and battery pack and motor hidden under superstructures, with the charging socket positioned where the tank is usually housed.
«One of the most influential factors on handiness and performances of a motorbike is its mass. The weight will be just 10 kg and we have focused – added Andrew Cross, Chief Technical Officer of Integral Powertrain Ltd – on making a radical change in the design of motor and inverter, this provides a more compact and lighter product than any other unit currently available on the market».
The target, in the successive 3 and 4 phases, is turning the proof into a real motorbike. There is not a date, but lovers are impatient worldwide.