Indy Autonomous Challenge was recently held in Las Vegas and represented the first competition among fully autonomous guide cars. The winner was the PoliMOVE team of Milan Polytechnics, composed by researchers of Milan Polytechnics and Alabama University, with Ascari system, which stands for Autonomous Car Intelligence, but also homage to Alberto Ascari pilot. TII Euroracing gained instead the third position, fruit of the work of the researchers of Modena and Reggio Emilia University, together with those from the Technology and Innovation Institute of United Arab Emirates.
Organizers have created the same car for all: Dallara AV-21 equipped with the whole necessary hardware for automation with six cameras, two radars, 2 GPS, an electrical control unit and LiDAR sensors.
The speed grazed by cars in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway? Almost 300 km/h without driver! A hint at the winner: the Team PoliMOVE is headed by professor Sergio Savaresi from the Department of Electronics, Information and the Bioengineering of Milan Polytechnics; the extraordinary results reached are fruit of the support by e-Novia, which supports the team as main sponsor, Fluentis and Movyon, as supporting sponsors.