After the first 2023-quarter, Volvo Trucks drives the market of electric vehicles both in Europe and in North America. In all, the Swedish manufacturer of trucks has sold almost 5,000 electric trucks in about 40 Countries. At present, its range of electric products is available in new markets such as Asia, Latin America and Africa.
During the first 2023-quarter, 600 electric vehicles overall, weighing 16 tons and more, were registered in Europe: a 4-time increment versus the same 2022-period (134).
“Our commitment to a sustainable transport is clearly giving its fruits. We are willing to work in strict contact with our customers to decarbonize the transport on truck”, stated Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks.
Volvo Trucks scored a great increase of orders of new vehicles during the first 2023-quarter. 486 electric trucks overall were ordered, which represents the 141% rise in comparison with the same 2022-period. Most of these orders come from North Europe Countries, including the Netherlands, Germany, Norway and Sweden.