The largest ferry in the world, purchased by the Uruguayan company Buquebus at Incat Tasmania will be equipped with propulsion systems manufactured by Wartsila.
The package of modules, including battery and energy storage system, will be four-time bigger than the one of whatever electric-hybrid ship currently in operation, the Finnish manufacturer explains in a note.
The supply will include a power conversion system, a DC shore-based charging system, 40 MWh battery modules, the DC hub, eight electric motors, eight WXJ1100 axial-flow water jets and ProTouch propulsion control system.
The vessel, 130-metres long, will be delivered in 2025 and will operate between Argentina and Uruguay, carrying 2,100 passengers and 225 vehicles.
“The propulsion configuration with eight waterjet thrusters and electric motor is the most efficient currently at disposal on the market by speed range and application type, while boasting all the highlights of the axial flow waterjet technology by Wärtsilä such as low weight and draft, excellent manoeuvrability and low maintenance “, commented Roger Holm, president of the company’s Marine Power division.