The urban mobility platform, top market player in Europe, has recently integrated in Turin, first city in Italy, Hive, the service of electric scooters in sharing already operating in 5 European Countries. FREE NOW and Hive are both part of FREE NOW Group, the ride-hailing company established last February by the mobility joint venture between BMW Group and Daimler AG. In the Piedmont capital city, Hive urban micro-mobility devices have been integrated and made available also through the App by FREE NOW. Therefore, from our own smartphone we can choose whether to call for a taxi ride or to rent a Hive scooter for the first and last mile displacements or, furthermore, whether to combine both vehicles to reach our destination. «We are very pleased – stated Barbara Covili, General Manager of FREE NOW Italia –with the integration of Hive electric scooters in our App. We believe electric micro-mobility represents a perfect complement to our business, which in Italy is focused on the taxi service, because it is an ideal solution for those making short journeys of about one or two kilometres. Adding Hive to the services offered by our App, we supply a further service to our customers who, by means of a single tool, will have the opportunity of choosing how to move at best in cities, in flexible and intermodal way. Therefore, the announced integration today represents a further step forward to strengthen our ranking as European leader platform for mobility ».