Sick Digital motor feedback systems for smart servo drive systems

As a result of increasing digitalization in mechanical and plant engineering, electric drive systems are increasingly faced by the challenge of having to be integrated as smart components in future-oriented overall mechatronic concepts.
The SICK range of motor feedback systems with digital HIPERFACE DSL® interface offers the required remote intelligence and communication capability for motors and servo drive systems.
The rotative sensors also meet all requirements for application-based functionality, maximum precision and dynamics as well as certified safety.
The new product families EDS35 and EDM35 are the technological highlight in this range.
With its EDS/EDM35 product family, SICK presents technologically leading singleturn and multiturn motor feedback systems with highest performance density.
The optical system achieves a singleturn resolution of 24 bits – the maximum that high-performance servo controllers can sensibly process without losses due to electric noise. Like all other digital motor feedback systems from SICK, this product family also implements the multiturn functionality of 4,096 revolutions mechanically – without buffer battery and thus wear- and maintenance-free.