The Italian and European mechanics urgently needs to sparkle, exploiting at best the paradigms of the new post Covid-19 normality. Senaf has organized an interesting webinar on the subject, highlighting the impellent need of creating sound business networks, especially for SME.

A positive sign coming from Senaf – which on June 10th 2020 organized an event to discuss and to compare future ideas and projects in the current context and for future scenarios – is undoubtedly the confirmation of MECSPE exhibition, scheduled in Parma from 29th to 31th October 2020. The President of Tecniche Nuove Group, Ivo Nardella, informed with enthusiasm and confidence that the exhibition will maintain its numbers foreseen at the origin, with 1,700 companies that will be on stage complying with the rules prescribed by the Superior Health Institute.

Clockwise from top left: Ivo Nardella, Alberto Dal Poz, Paolo Rolandi, Alessandro Garnero, Luca Manuelli, Roberto Zani
Clockwise from top left: Ivo Nardella, Alberto Dal Poz, Paolo Rolandi, Alessandro Garnero, Luca Manuelli, Roberto Zani

In the Digital Talk “Made in Italy Manufacturing: Ideas and projects for the sector upswing” the witness by the representatives of important trade associations that mainly represent the SME world, such as Alberto Dal Poz – President Federmeccanica, Roberto Zani – President CNA Production and Paolo Rolandi – National President of Confartigianato Mechanical Federation, was heartfelt in communicating how much indispensable is an incisive intervention in the bureaucratic and financial ambit by political decision makers.
It is instead desirable that on their turn companies build business networks permitting to create a stronger and sounder manufacturing chain, with more trump cards in Italian and international ambit.
The speech by Luca Manuelli, President CFI – Smart Factory Cluster, underlined instead how the digital transformation plays a crucial role in the recovery of “a new normality”, where education and new competences are key elements of a development towards a resilient interconnected and integrated factory, able to satisfy the more and more important smart working requirements.
Chaired by Alessandro Garnero – editorial director, Manufacturing Division of Tecniche Nuove Group, the Digital Talk “Made in Italy manufacturing: Ideas and projects for the sector upswing”, was the first date of a new cycle of Mecspe virtual meetings dedicated to the manufacturing 4.0 world.