It is the quickest in the world and it can reach 36.5 Km/h. We are speaking of a Lego model that reproduces GTA Spano, the iconic Spanish hypercar dating back to 2013 produced in just 99 units. The creation comes from BuWizz, company specialized in the creation of electric motors for Lego models: the car was reproduced in scale 1:8 with the most famous bricks in the world and can travel by means of 10 electric motors and various gears, supplying to GTA Spano. However, what about Buwizz? The idea stemmed by playing with 9398 4×4 Crawler model. “Why not controlling it with the smartphone? Therefore, in 2013 the first prototype was born – explained Roni Leben, CEO & founder of BuWizz – We figured out that even though smartphone control is cool, it still does not solve the performance issue – the 9398 and other models were relatively slow and underpowered. We brainstormed about ways to get more performance out of existing Power functions motors and it quickly became apparent we need to have our own power source, more powerful than original batteries. We decided to add a battery and power boost electronics to our smartphone-controlled device. Originally called PowerBrick, the first BuWizz prototype was born».