The Eco Cruiser 50 announced by the German Alva Yachts is a luxury boat with electric motors, hydrogen and solar panels.

However, it is not the first green initiative by the company: it has experimented the electric propulsion on houseboats and it has started the construction of two zero-emission catamarans.

Eco Cruiser 50 is a 15.20-metre yacht that, once launched, will be available in different versions, with three or four cabins, for private use or for charter, with variable power motors and possibility of reaching the maximum speed of 20 knots.

The electric propulsion is constituted by two motors with 100 kW each, for a total power of 272 HP. The necessary energy to power the motors comes from a 50-kVA generator and from the solar panels positioned on the top, with 4.9 kW power and 140 or 240 kWh battery pack.

The great novelty of the project is technology will not be added afterwards, but it will represent a central element of the design. For this reason, the line of the yacht roof offers an enormous surface for solar panels.

The design also provides for the replacement of the tank with a hydrogen fuel cell for the generator, while the space generally taken up by standard fuel tanks is intended for the stocking of the hydrogen itself.

Speaking of furniture, interiors have been developed according to a minimalist design, staking on natural materials and light, but also on cruise luxury, safety and comfort.

The primary goal is making Eco Cruiser 50 an example of the latest technological developments in the field of 100% green yacht, ahead of years versus competitors.