20In the e-bike market, one of the hottest problems is the failure of the electric motor. Nowadays, the replacement of the unit occurs in the vast majority of cases. In the light of this situation, the team from Fraunhofer IPA Institute, headed by the project manager Jan Koller, wondered whether it was possible to develop a more circular motor model, providing for the repair instead of the replacement. The first step consisted in the implementation of 3D models and in the creation of spare parts with 3D additive printing, testing the various types of materials and manufacturing over 120 components in 20 different materials. Motors were then reassembled and subjected to severe tests on bench and with real load. Results? The motors so overhauled have offered the same performances as newly-manufactured motors, and with the same guarantee. What is more difficult, economically speaking, is establishing the breakeven point in the motor reconditioning business.