Energica Motor Company (Energica), top global original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is collaborating to assess a new line of electric two-wheel vehicles. Energica Inside, a business unit of Energica, is providing design and engineering services.
Livia Cevolini, CEO of Energica explained: “Our world needs to become net zero by 2050, which means transportation must become zero emission. I believe that the unique expertise and technology within Energica can help society achieve this goal faster. That is why we formed the Energica Inside business unit, and we immediately attracted a lot of attention from large OEMs looking to offer EV solutions for urban mobility, agriculture, marine, and aviation.”
Energica Inside provided a feasibility study to identify a final configuration for an off-road electric vehicle platform. The company’s engineers and designers performed a technical assessment of the OEM’s existing platform and battery pack to validate the definitive product battery specification. At the heart of the final configuration is Energica’s powertrain, which includes the E2110 motor, a liquid-cooled permanent magnet electric motor weighing just 27kg and a maximum power of 120 kW (161 hp) at 13000 rpm.
“Energica Inside is ready to help OEMs achieve their climate goals and comply with regulations by electrifying their product lines – whether its tractors, watercraft, aircraft, passenger and urban mobility vehicles” stated Carlo Iacovini, General Manager Energica Inside. “Our solutions are built around Energica’s industry-leading, proven EV design, engineering and technology.”
Energica Inside already has several projects underway, including a collaboration with U.S. electric tractor manufacturer Solectrac.