The two companies ElectraMeccanica, with headquarters in the USA, and the British Tevva have announced their merging to create a market specialist in zero-emission commercial vehicles, focusing first on the United Kingdom, then on Europe and on the United States. Expectations reach $67 Billions in 2030.
Tevva’s existing 110,000-square-foot EV manufacturing facility in Tilbury, United Kingdom, would be complemented by ElectraMeccanica’s recently-commissioned 235,000-square-foot facility in Mesa, Arizona, which is expected to enable the combined company to scale its production to serve the UK, European and U.S. markets.
Tevva, which is headquartered at Tilbury, in the United Kingdom, has recently started the deliveries of its 7.5-ton electric truck for urban deliveries and is working at a proprietary technology of hydrogen range extender. The manufacturing technology of electric vehicles of Tevva will be integrated by the ElectraMeccanica factory that is under construction at Mesa, in Arizona.
“Collaborating with Tevva, we are offering our shareholders a unique opportunity of taking part in the prospects of growth speeded up and driven by the technology, combined in such ways as to extend and to exploit logically also the existing resources and highlights of ElectraMeccanica”, declared Steven Sanders, president of the Board of Directors of ElectraMeccanica.
David Roberts, current Director of Tevva and anticipated incoming Executive Chairman said, “Since Tevva’s founding more than ten years ago, we have focused our engineering and product development capabilities on developing a portfolio of zero-emission commercial vehicles that have generated significant customer interest. Our vehicles have undertaken more than 300,000 miles of testing and operating experience in real-world conditions by demanding fleet operators. We are excited to merge with ElectraMeccanica and accelerate the growth of the combined company”.