The new BAT300 series by Unico was presented recently in the USA during an international seminar about batteries. It promises to establish a new standard in testing cells. The BAT300 series, designed for test applications that value economy and flexibility over ultra-high accuracy, is based on the IDAC Unico power platform and offers other performance, efficiency, and versatility at a reduced cost. The last offer by Unico is an all-in-one compact solution (from 480 V CA to CC) that reduces to the minimum the energy consumption and maximizes test efficiency.

Steve Bright, the CEO of Unico, affirmed: «with the recent acquisition of Present Power Systems, we’re already leveraging the technologies of our new Advanced Technology Group, and the BAT300 series represents our first product to come out of the acquisition». He continues by adding that «the new IDAC Power Platform enables Unico to strengthen our presence in the battery markets and venture into new areas such as onboard charging, home charging, battery recycling, and more».

The BAT300 series is ideal for cell creation inside gigafactories, aging and functionality testing in R&D laboratories, and end-of-life (EOL) activities in cell/module production lines.