Nine parents out of ten pay attention to strollers’ comfort and safety and, concerning this, Bosch has ideated a new system that marks its entry in a new market.
In the wind tunnel, with 7-degree intensity according to Beaufort scale, the air hits the stroller at a speed of 60 km/h and strongly shakes the canopy, but the stroller does not move thanks to the new e-stroller system by Bosch. It is much more than an electric traction, it is a stroller assistant with a complete range of comfort and safety functions. Besides the thrust support and the automated braking function, this system is in fact provided with an alarm function, with a series of highly technological sensors and the possibility of connecting it to the smartphone through an app.
The traction system includes two silent electric motors on the rear axle, a Bluetooth module and a system of smart sensors. These sensors, used also in smartphones, measure also the stroller’s speed and acceleration, detecting also the type of surface travelled.