Increasing the production of an innovative electric rare earths-free motor is the main target of the financing in favour of Advanced Electric Machines (AEM) by the Advanced Propulsion Centre.

The SIMPLE (Scaled-up Innovative Motor Production for Lower Environmental impact) project by AEM will see the company manufacture a pilot line dedicated to the mass-production of its patented technology of motors for SSRD cars.

The key is the absence of rare earths, to the extent that AEM states that the widespread adoption of its motors, which can be manufactured with aluminium and steel only, has the potential of saving 133 million tons of CO2 equivalent, 300,000 tons of radioactive wastes and five million tons of wastes in landfills every year.

«While we are scaling the SSRD production to hundreds of thousands of units per year, we have to understand how optimizing manufacturing processes for large volumes, meanwhile complying with the cost and performance targets demanded by our customers» explained Andy Steven, Chief Technical Officer of Advanced Electric Machines.

James Widmer, CEO and co-founder of Advanced Electric Machines, added: «This financing has the potential to transform the supply chain in the United Kingdom, laying the bases for a significant increase of the sustainable motor manufacturing. The results of this project will contribute to create qualified workplaces and to favour further innovations in the United Kingdom».