Accuracy in the battery monitoring

With the possibility of scaling on supervision circuits of batteries from 6 to 90 cells in series, the new reference Texas Instruments project for BMS, battery management system, by TI presents the advanced BQ79606A-Q1 battery precision monitor with balancer.
Engineers can rapidly release their automotive designs on the market by using the reference project, which implements the monitor for the battery in a daisy-chain configuration to create a very accurate and reliable system structure for lithium ion battery packs from 3 to 378 series, 12 V- 1.5 kV.
High-integration BQ79606A-Q1 allows an accurate monitoring of temperature and voltage levels and aids to maximise the duration of the battery and the driving autonomy. Besides, the BQ79606A-Q1 battery monitor is equipped with safe-state communication to aid system engineers to comply with requisites up to ASIL D (Automotive Safety Integrity Level D), i.e. the highest functional safety target defined by ISO 26262 regulation for road vehicles.