The British startup HVS – Hydrogen Vehicle Systems has recently announced the development of the first heavy-duty vehicle powered by hydrogen and manufactured in the United Kingdom. In these days, they have invited fleet operators to register the expressions of interest to try out its hydrogen electric heavy vehicle (HGV) before buying.
The supported tests will start in the fourth quarter of 2025, once completed the exhaustive pre-production prototyping phase and once heavy vehicles will be ready for the mass-production in the United Kingdom.
The vehicle has been shown in its prototyping configuration: it announces around 600 km of autonomy and refuelling times of about 20 minutes, a datum that would make it rank at the top of its category.
Jawad Khursheed, CEO of HVS said: “In response to the huge levels of interest we have received from fleet operators we are inviting them to register expressions of interest in trialling our Hydrogen Goods Vehicle on the HVS website. “We understand the challenges of introducing disruptive technology such as zero-emission trucks to the logistics sector, so we will be offering extensive trials to fleet operators so they can thoroughly evaluate the technology and understand how it will perform within their fleets before they purchase our vehicles, which will help them achieve their environmental targets.
Hydrogen is the perfect fuel for the haulage industry, offering long range and quick refuelling thanks to stations being easily integrated into existing key transport networks, and we’re keen to help prospective customers learn all about this exciting technology.”