The American manufacturer of Mercury Marine motors is implementing its range of electric outboard Avator and releases on the market the Avator 20e and 35e models, available from September 25th 2023. Outboard Avator 20e and 35e respectively generate 2000 W and 3500 W of power at the propeller shaft. The 20e can produce an acceleration resembling the one of a 5 HP four-stroke outboard, whereas the 35e generates an acceleration that can be compared to a 9.9 HP four-stroke Mercury outboard. Offered with tiller or remote control, both are ideal for powering small vessels including aluminium boats, micro skiffs, rigid inflatables, tenders and small pontoons. “After the success of Avator 7.5e, these outboard motors establish new reference parameters by innovation, performances and connectivity. The investments and the progresses we are making allow Mercury to go on developing the Avator range and to offer soon other electric low-voltage outboard motors that will change the sector “, Buelow, President of Mercury Marine, affirmed.
Mercury Marine has collaborated with Mastervolt, another sister company of Brunswick Group through Navico, to develop a 2,300 Wh IP67 waterproof and transportable lithium-ion battery. The latter can be directly used or through the Avator Power Center, which manages the coupling of 4 batteries maximum, to obtain 9,200 Wh and more autonomy. Cells can be connected without tools.