Overcoming the pandemic and acquiring more awareness of the need of replacing models and lifestyles that have nowadays become obsolete has speed up the transition towards a more efficient and sustainable urban mobility. According to the Report on the global market of light electric vehicles (LEVs) dated 2022, the sector will rise from 78.5 to 122.7 billion dollars by 2027 concerning the Personal Mobility, Shared Mobility, Recreation & Sports, Commercial and Gardening: a remarkable growth for which many companies are already getting ready.

Solutions for light e-mobility up to 40 kW

The extreme reliability of GROB Italy’s technology is deeply rooted into 30 years of expertise gained in the sector as manufacturer of lines for the electric motor manufacturing. The high efficiency and flexibility of its products are a must of the company that, first as DMG meccanica and afterwards as GROB Italy, has always stood out on the market for the reliability and the high quality of the solutions offered.The line dedicated to the Light E-mobility for electric traction motors was ideated to meet customers’ requirements fully. Compact, versatile and highly performing, it is ideal for the implementation of motors with a power range from 4 to 40 kW. Application sectors are manifold and include not only the market of two and three wheels and of microcars, but also “for fun”, agricultural and e-marine vehicles.

A single reference partner for the whole production process

If 2023 will be the turning-point year for electric mobility, the insertion technology still confirms to be the best solution in terms of quality/price for the volumes demanded in light e-mobility ambit.
For those who shift to light electric, then, the round wire still remains the ideal choice and GROB Italy, as consolidated partner in the insertion technology, is today of the very few reference companies on the international market (and the only one in Italy) that can fulfil the whole motor production process.
The line for the Light E-mobility implemented and presented to the public in 2022 includes, in fact, all manufacturing phases – winding, impregnation, rotor and assembly – and can therefore offer an efficient “turnkey” solution to customers”.
Moreover, to satisfy all requirements, machines can be supplied stand-alone or integrated with a transport line when more automation is demanded.
The automation integration can be carried out in successive phases directly in the installation factory.

A global service

If design and manufacturing are a strictly “Made in Italy” product, the customer service is a plus at disposal on a global scale. GROB Italy provides in fact for the training of the GROB service next to the installation site so that customers can benefit from immediate service.