Bosch is starting the production of new propulsion systems based on the 800-volt technology, which will speed up recharge times, taking a further step forward for electric vehicles, with more powerful thrusters. The 800-volt inverter version is based on silicon carbide semiconductors that increase the efficiency and then the duration, too. Moreover, the power density of the 800-volt variant of the electric motor has been enhanced, decreasing its weight and obtaining a more compact design.
In recent years, 400-volt solutions have widely established themselves as sector standard. With the same current, but with a double voltage, it is now possible to transmit the double power, a solution that allows using thinner cables, saving space, weight and copper, therefore with a more compact and powerful inverter.
The primary characteristics of the 800-volt variant of Bosch electric motor, now mass-produced, are the 830 Nm torque and the 460-kilowatt power. Due to use of the I-pin bar winding, it is possible to further improve the efficiency, the compactness and the automation level of the motor in manufacturing phase.